LED High Mast Light for Seaport Lighting

LED seaport lights are becoming a trend nowadays in seaport lighting. If you are thinking about changing the traditional lighting in seaports, IVisionTech is ready to provide you excellent quality LED seaport lighting. This LED seaport lights are made to improve the lighting efficiency of the port. The LED seaport lights replacement has the lifespan of up to 80,000+ hours so it can waive the maintenance costs you will cover for about 10 years.
In this article, you will find answers to the most typical questions about considering replacing traditional lighting to LED lighting system in a port:

1. Turn On and Off Time:
In port areas, it is important to take care of the security and safety. In terms of turning on and off, the metal halide usually takes longer time to turn on after it has been turned off. On the other hand, LED seaport lights turn on and off immediately, so the lighting is generally easier and safer compared to the traditional lighting. This greatly helps in maintaining safety and security in the port area. Furthermore, the seaports will also have a secured and safe environment once LED lighting systems are used.

2. Lesser Energy Consumption:
LED lights are known to be energy savers. They often have special functions such as controls and sensors that makes you save even more. These functions are automatic and can dim or brighten areas using the dimming control. While the sensor automatically turns on when it senses movement and off when there is no movement. These functions help in achieving lower energy consumption aside from the fact that LED lights generally have lower wattages.

3. Excellent Quality Lights:
The LED lights’ high quality are measured through the way it clearly portrays objects. Another way of measuring quality is through the CRI or Color Rendering Index and the chromatogram or simply color spectrum. In addition, high-quality controlled lighting LEDs make objects look the same as they look in daylight.

What are the Types of Sea Port Lights?

1. High Mast/Flood Lighting
The LED seaport lights or high mast lighting can retrofit the traditional HPS or metal halide which have high wattages of about 400W-2000W. These LED seaport lights have 5 years warranty. Another advantage is, they consume lesser energy yet give off up to 100,000 lumens so the lighting efficiency is very high. Furthermore, the LED seaport lights have lenses of last generation types which causes 90% lumen usage rate.

2. Harbour Lighting
Harbor lights give another look to the wharf and shipping bay. IVisionTech will give you the excellent lighting alternatives which will surely make the harbor or port area stand out and well-lighted. These harbor lights are significant for security perspective too. Ideally, therefore harbour lighting using LED lights with high lumen, enhanced optical lenses, and weather-resistant frames are necessary to achieve long-term use with minimum maintenance need.

3. LED Hangar Lighting
The LED Hangar Lighting is an excellent light source for outdoor application like terminals and docks. Our LED hangar lighting will surely enhance the lighting efficiency for the entire port even if they are used in outdoor application, mounted on poles, or on top of cranes. The use of LED lights in seaport terminals ensure additional security and safety in the area while saving more due to lesser energy consumption.
If you are managing an area for loading and unloading of containers that require high mas lighting system, IVisionTech is here to guide you and assist in all your seaport or storage facility lighting queries and needs.

Advantages of LED Lighting Systems

1. LED lighting systems are what makes low maintenance and will only cost you about 50% compared to the maintenance costs of metal halide lights.

2. Energy utilization is significantly less than the conventional lighting. For example: about 70% decrease in energy consumption compared to traditional lighting.

3. Lesser carbon emissions and maintenance costs: The quality of light is improved generally with LED lighting system. LED lights need to utilize less LED light fixture to imitate a comparative brightness, identical to applications that use more metal halide lights. In addition, the entire area is illuminated just like the light of natural daylight.

4. Free from any danger for the immense regions that need more light.

IVisionTech is a professional LED high mast light manufacturer, and we can manufacture LED high mast lighting system for your seaport area including harbor, hangar and large area lighting system. We produce these highly efficient LED lighting systems and can customize them according to your needs. Contact us for any inquiry and our professional team will always be ready to assist you!