We Offer Free Lighting Design with DIALux Simulation

IVisionTech aims full customer satisfaction. With this, we give free lighting design or DIALux simulation analysis according to your needs. You simple send us a message or inquiry including the area of application, lux or illumination requirement, pole height, and number of poles needed. You may request free lighting design for several applications including



Parking lot


Construction site



Tennis court field

Basketball field

Indoor Sports Field

Outdoor Sports Field

Industrial and other large areas

LED lighting installation is meticulous and needs well-planned, especially for large areas of application as you would not want to make a mistake or miscalculate resulting to bad and undesirable lighting. IVisionTech provides high customer service including pre-consultation like DIALux simulation analysis to help you decide which products are appropriate to your needs. We would help you choose the right products through precise estimation of how the products work and which is suitable products according to the application.

How to assess DIALux photometric analysis

A lot of LED Flood light manufacturers provide their potential clients photometric report and lighting design. But the question is, do they provide accurate reports? To evaluate accurate simulation analysis and report, it should have evenly distributed or uniform lighting. For example, a football stadium needs 1500 lux with up to 0.8 uniformity to ensure evenly distributed lighting. IVisionTech has professional, and highly skilled engineers to help you achieve high quality lighting for your application.

IVisionTech has broad LED lighting experience, and we guarantee accurate DIALux reports. Many manufacturers may make fabricated reports just to say they have provided free lighting design. This may lead to inaccuracy of the report and will cause incorrect lighting installation. You would not want to waste your time, effort and money for this kind of scenario. Choose the best and trusted manufacturer that offer high quality service from pre-consultation to after sales like IVisionTech. For inquiries, feel free to send us a message.

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