When we were younger parents would always remind us to “Turn off the lights when not in use or before leaving.” This is mainly because leaving the traditional lights such as incandescent on for a long period of time may cause significant increase in electricity or worse, pose a possible danger at home like fire. But thanks to all new inventions, technology that we have now such as the LED or Light Emitting Diode because it provides more advantages compared to the traditional lighting that would make you want to shift to this new technology. With the use of LED lights, can we really leave the lights on for a long period of time?
The general rule here is, you can leave the LED lights on 24/7. This is one of the many benefits a LED light can offer. They are relatively safe and energy efficient. Although you can possibly use the LED lights on 24/7, that does not mean they are going to run perfectly and smoothly within their lifespan.
If you want to learn more about this topic, keep reading and you’ll get new ideas about for LED light products work.

Is it okay to leave the LED lights on 24/7?

Yes. You can leave the high quality and well-manufactured LED lights on all the time. But this does not apply to all LED lights. Sometimes, there are counterfeit and poorly-manufactured LED lights and we do not know the kind of materials they used so we really cannot rely on these types of LED lights.
LED lights do not use UV filament that produces radiation and heat so there’s no risk of fire in using LED lights.

Can You Sleep with the LED Lights On?

Sleeping at night with the LED lights on is possible and you won’t have to worry about overheating. However, it may not be advisable because it can disturb your sleep pattern.

LED lights are artificial lights that can disturb the circadian rhythm or body’s natural rhythm. Additionally, LED lights give off blue light that hinders our body in producing melatonin, a hormone that plays an important role in our wake-sleep cycle.
So basically, although it is technically possible, it is not recommended using LED lights on when you sleep at night.

What could be the reason/s why LED lights should not be left on all the time?

There two main reasons why you STILL turn your LED lights off when not in use.

1. It may increase your electricity bill
Although it has been said that LED lights are energy savers compared to the traditional lighting, you must also keep in mind that using it all the time adds to the energy consumption, thus the slight increase in bill.

2. You become a responsible citizen
Leaving any appliance, lights on all the time contributes to waste energy. So to help protect the Earth from further destruction such as global warming mainly caused by waste energy, you should help conserving energy by simply turning off lights or other appliances when not in use.

What makes the LED lights the best choice?

In terms of lighting, LEDs provide many advantages compared to traditional lighting, so using LED lights might be the best choice for anyone looking for good lighting products. The following are some of the advantages of using a LED light:

1. Longer lifespan – LED lights are known to have longer lifespan. They have an average lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, which is many times higher than the lifespan of fluorescent lights.
2. Energy efficiency – The LED lights are energy savers; they have lower wattages but high lighting efficiency.
3. Safety – LEDs are safer because they do not have UV radiation and mercury content found in traditional lighting like incandescent.
4. Size – the LED itself which is very small and very adaptable which can be installed in any shape or size of a fixture.
5. Dimming – the LED lights have special function like dimming capabilities. They can operate at 10%, 40% or 100% lighting efficiency.
6. Voltage – LEDs operate on low voltages and they great used outdoor where lighting use lower voltages.

How much does it cost to use LED lights 24/7?

The electricity cost for LED lights depend on how many lights you use or what kind of household you are in. For a simple household that uses lesser bulbs, energy will be much lesser cpmapred to a household that uses around 40-50 bulbs. Obviously, the more lights you use, the higher energy consumption it will be.
But on the positive note, using LEDs for a longer period of time cost relatively lower than using traditional lights.

Can we also leave LED strip lights on all the time?

Technically, it is possible to leave LED strip lights on 24/7. But then again, you need to check if the LED strip light is of high quality. This is because there are a lot of low quality and poorly manufactured LED strip lights, and you are unsure of the materials they used.

To ensure safety, check for any certification such as UL, IEC, etc which means the product complies with the safety standards for LED lights.

Can we leave LED Grow Lights on for a long time?

It is possible to leave your LED grow lights on for a long period of time. However, there’s a saying that “too much of everything is not good.” Your plants have certain cycles where they need lighting the most and darkness sometimes. Keeping the lights on all the time is not advisable since too much lighting might not be good for your plants.

Can we keep Christmas lights on for a long time?

Again, it could be possible but not advisable because LED lights also need to cool down to avoid the chances of overheating although there is really a low risk for it.

Can LED lights catch fire?

LED lights do not contain UV filament that brings radiation and heat in the bulb itself. The LED lights also have cooler temperature therefore, it is less likely to catch fire.
Additionally, the LED light’s temperature can only be as warm as human body or about 35˚C.

Are LED lights that glow when off dangerous?

No. The LED lights that glow when off might be first, the bulb accumulates too much energy on its own or second, there’s a problem with electrical wiring where the LED light is installed.

It might surprise you to see glowing LED light even when it’s off, but it is not potentially dangerous. You just need to check what causes the problem. Here are some easy solutions in this case:
• Check if the bulb if the problem, remove from the base if the glow comes off you need to replace the bulb.
• You can install Zener Diode
• You can also install a bypass capacitor
• Buy a LED dimmer

What else do I need to know about LED lights?

There are a lot of reasons why you should consider switching to LED lights.

First, there are many types of LED lights to choose from and they are specific lighting or style for different purpose and application. They are versatile, durable and reliable.

Second, the LED lights are gaining popularity and becoming more common every day. Many are switching to LED lights due to the advantages and benefits they give. Another is, many people now understand how we can help our planet from further destruction due to global warming. As we all know, traditional lights add up to the causes of global warming.

Third, the LED lights can save you a lot compared to the traditional lighting. Although LED lights have more expensive initial cost, the savings in terms of electricity bill and maintenance costs due to longer lifespan are highly incomparable.

Bottomline is, the LED lights, whether strip lights or Christmas lights or any other LED lighting products are generally safe even when you use it for a long period of time. It won’t cause you an arm and a leg since LED lights are energy savers, low maintenance and they have longer lifespan.