How to Choose Right LED High Bay Lights for Your Warehouse

Lighting a warehouse requires careful planning and consideration including safety and productivity. Generally, warehouses have high ceiling that lighting the whole area might be a challenge as there will be many different factors to consider before installation. One of the things you should take note of, is investing in high quality lighting system to avoid high maintenance cost due to choosing low quality lighting system. For best lighting solutions nowadays, LED high bay lights are the best replacement for halogen, fluorescent, metal halide, HPS, and LPS. This is because of high quality and efficiency the LED high bay lights can offer. To help you better understand and decide on which LED high bay light you should choose for your warehouse, here are the things that you need to consider:

1, Know the design and dimension of the area

To determine how many LED High Bay Lights, you need for a warehouse, you must identify the size or dimension of the area and the height of the ceiling, and the placement of shelves for better illumination. For areas like narrow aisle, use LED high bay linear flood lamps to have denser lighting. For areas with high ceiling, you need to use narrow beam angle to disperse the light better. And for areas with low ceiling, you need to use wider beam angle.

2, Choose anti-glare lights

Glare is a visual discomfort due to intensity of light or basically too much light entering the eyes. In a warehouse with different types of tools and machines, it is very important to choose the suitable and appropriate lighting system especially for warehouses, that are anti-glare to avoid accidents. There are about 15% of accidents due to glare or incorrect lighting. Most LED lights have anti-glare or glare control function that lessen glare up to 60% compared to metal halide and halogen flood lights.

3, Dimming function

Warehouse lighting should have dimming function to provide proper brightness during daytime and nighttime.  You may dim the lights during daytime since there will be natural lighting passing through the windows and you would not want the are too bright. On the other hand, you may brighten the lighting to create well-lighted working area.

Another function of dimmer is energy saving. Since the lights in area can be dimmed, you can save energy due to lesser flow of energy and lower power output. Light dimmers also extends the lifespan of the LED lights.

In terms of aisle lighting in warehouses, you must choose lighting with PWM and DMX dimming control function. There is also photo sensor and motion sensor LED high bay light which iare energy efficient. It can sense darkness and brightness, so you will not need to have someone turn on and off the lights regularly. It can also detect motion of people approaching even in between spaced shelves. It can detect up to 12 meters and sensors last up to 60-120 seconds.

4,  Choose LED high bay lights with high efficiency

There are many great advantages of using LED high bay lights compared to traditional lighting incandescent and halogen bulbs. One of the advantages is the lighting efficiency. The LED high bay lights produce higher lumen output even with lower wattages. With halogen or incandescent, you will need a 1000W light bulb to achieve the brightness of a 100W LED light bulb. It makes a lot of difference when using LED lights as you get the most benefit like energy saving and high efficiency

5,  Do not settle for anything less—always choose the best

The initial cost of installation for LED high bay lights might be higher than having the traditional one. But the promising advantage of LED is that you will save a lot in the long run. Be it in terms of electricity bill, lifespan, or even maintenance cost. First, LED high bay lights are more energy efficient even when you use them 24/7. Second, LED high bay lights have longer lifespan. In fact, the average lifespan of an LED light is about 80,000 hours or equivalent to 30 years in 6 to 7 hours of usage everyday. On the other hand, metal halide does not last longer than that of LED so you will need to replace it after several months or year. Lastly, since LED high bay lights have longer lifespan, it would also mean lower maintenance cost. It matters that you choose the high-quality products. Cheap finds may not always guarantee savings, sometimes it brings you the worse.

6,  Choose a manufacturer that offers customization

Lighting a warehouse requires several products according to the area of application. There are areas with high ceiling, lower ceiling, aisle, and hallways, etc. Each area needs a specific type of LED high bay light. For example, your warehouse use chemicals and other flammable substances, you will need to have fire-proof and explosion proof lighting system. For areas that are seldom visited, you need motion sensor lighting system. So, it matters that your manufacturer or supplier has customization services to provide products according to your needs.