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IVisionTech Glowing EL Mask is another product manufactured with the use of EL wire lighting system. You may ask What’s EL Mask? EL means Electroluminescent technology which is a portable light that has cool temperature. So, EL mask is mask with EL wire which is a copper wire covered with phosphor that creates electroluminescence. This mask is also referred to as glowing mask for Halloween. Also, his cool glowing mask can be used in several applications like decoration for vehicles, toys, clothing, costumes, etc.

The Glowing EL Mask is not your ordinary mask worn during Halloween party, Coachella, cosplay event, etc. It will definitely make you stand out because it is 3D printed and glowing with EL lights.

The IVisionTech Halloween 3D Glowing EL Mask is sturdy and durable as it is made of 3D printed plastic with EL wire instead of LED lighting to ensure longer use and consistent glow. Additionally, it is water resistant, and battery operated that lasts for up to 8 to 24 hours use.


  1. Portability – this product uses battery so you can bring and use it anywhere, anytime with ease.
  2. Comfort – the glowing EL mask is padded to ensure comfort and user would be able to breathe properly.
  3. Multiple Modes – this glowing EL mask has 3 modes: Slow flash, Fast flash and Steady flash.
  4. Fashionable and trendy– this product will make you stand out in any party such as Halloween party, birthday party, New Year’s Eve, etc.
  5. Customized design – the glowing EL mask is made of PVC + EL wire and in different sizes. This is appropriate for age groups such as adult and teenagers. It covers full face and comes with many different colors. The glowing EL mas is used in parties like Halloween, Cosplay, Christmas Party, New Year’s Eve, etc.


  1. The IVisionTech Glowing EL mask uses EL wire that is woven and laced into the mask. This mask observes safety since it has no UV rays meaning no harmful effects on human body.
  2. This cool glowing mask comes about 19x17x8cm or 7.48x7x3.14 inches size.
  3. It is comfortable to wear because the mask itself is padded with foam glued inside the mask that covers full face.
  4. There are uniform lighting and flicker free features to prevent eye fatigue and tension.
  5. Uses two AA batteries clipped on the power pocket with low power consumption.
  6. Can be used in different occasions like parties, clubs, festivals, etc.


One of the many advantages of IVisionTech’s Glowing EL Mask is comfort and it fits all ages. The glowing mask for Halloween does not flicker to prevent eye tension. This cool glowing mask produces no heat because it uses electroluminescent film which is a cold light source. Its temperature is lower than of fluorescent lamp. It has flexible head strap, can be adjusted, and padded inside so it fits all ages and is generally used in many different occasions.

Outstanding products and service

Unique and Trendy
The glowing EL mask is used on several occasions such as parties, clubs, Coachella, birthday parties, etc.

High Quality LED Glowing Mask
This cool glowing mask uses high quality materials than the other masks on market.

Cold Light Wraps
It has uniform lighting and no thermal radiation. It is comfortable to wear and prevents eye fatigue.

Costume Mask
The glowing mask will make you stand out in any party or event that matches your OOTD.


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