The LED corn Lights have 3 main components namely, base, bulb and the internal parts.


  1. Base- refers to the foundation of the fixture.

The base is usually made of aluminum that is used as a lamp/bulb socket.

The base has heat regulator that lessens the production of heat when the lamp is on, and encapsulates that protect the lamp from dust, moisture and other things that might cause damage to the fixture.

The types of base include E10 mini screw, E11 mini candelabra, E12 candelabra, E14 European, E17 intermediate and Ex39 extended mogul.

The E means Edison and the numbers refer to the size in mm.


  1. Heat sinks refers to the part that dissipates heat in the housing of the lamp to prevent overheating.
  2. Driver refers to the heart of the lamp. It transfers power from the socket to the lamp to produce light.
  3. LED Panel is where the LED strips are placed and gives off light from the lamp.
  4. Lenses refers to the part that control the illumination produced and distributes light uniformly.