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The Best LED Lights OEM Factory

Since 2013, IVisionTech has been a young and dynamic professional LED light OEM manufacturer and supplier in China, we focus on the R&D, production as well as wholesale of different kinds of LED lights. With our expertise in LED light manufacturing, we offer high-class quality of industrial LED lighting, commercial LED lighting, outdoor LED lighting and office LED lighting.

Are you an LED lights importer, wholesaler, project contractor, distributor, lighting designer? We get you fully covered. IVisionTech guarantees you complete LED lights OEM and ODM service from pre-sales consultation, technical support, order tracking, quality control, packaging design, freight consignment to after-sales service.

IVisionTech always strives to be the best LED Lights OEM Factory and your reliable business partner with high quality LED lights and quick-responsive satisfactory customer service.

Purchase your LED Lighting needs from IVisionTech

The all-in-one LED Lights manufacturer and supplier

IVisionTech is a professional LED manufacturer and supplier in China and our aim is to provide quality services to our clients. We manufacture different kinds of LED lamps. We can provide commercial LED lighting, office LED lighting, industrial LED lighting, outdoor lighting, home LED lighting and a lot more. We also make various kinds of LED lamps such as LED panel lights, LED spotlights, LED downlights, LED linear lights, LED tube lights, LED corn bulbs, LED high bay lights, LED flood lights, LED track lights, LED streetlights, LED shop lights and many more. Get your LED lighting needs from IVisionTech. Feel free to send us a message or contact us and be one of our wholesaler and distributor.

IVisionTech UFO LED High Bay Light manufacturer supplier from China

Industrial LED Lighting

Our versatile industrial LED lighting solutions cover from UFO LED high bay light, linear LED high bay light, LED low bay light, LED triproof light, LED corn bulb, perfect lighting solutions for workshop, factory, warehouse, convention center, supermarket and garages.


Outdoor LED Lighting

Our complete outdoor LED lighting solutions cover from LED street light, LED shoebox light, LED flood light, LED yard light, LED tunnel light, LED high mast light to LED stadium lights, etc, perfect lighting solution as road way lighting, stadium lighting and facade lighting.


Commercial LED Lighting

Our full commercial LED lighting solutions cover from LED panel light, LED downlight, LED track light, LED tube light, LED spot light, perfect lighting solutions for commercial centers, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, chain stores, museum.


Office LED Lighting

Our wide office LED lighting solutions cover linear LED pendant light, linear LED recessed light, LED panel light, LED downlight, LED track light, perfect lighting solution for office building, business office, reception area, meeting room, lounge, showroom.


Why you SHOULD choose IVisionTech for your business

You are not just any other client to us. We value all our clients. We will work together to make your business grow. We provide exceptional services, and we will provide you with highly skilled and expert LED production team and LED lights production lines. With us, we will make sure our products will help you boost your brand’s value and potential. We can ensure growth because IVisionTech is equipped with the following:

How IVisionTech Produce LED Lights

IVisionTech LED Lights Initial Material Inspection

We perform quality assurance of materials through Incoming Material Inspection. We want to avoid waste raw materials and ensure high quality materials and products for our customers as part of our commitment to provide excellent products and services.

IVisionTech LED Lights Production Control

Production of LED lights require strict production process. A single mistake or error on production may cause faulty or defective LED lights that would affect the quality of the products. To prevent such instances,  IVisionTech maintain highly skilled employees to observe and practice standard operating procedures through quality control inspection. Hence, we assure our clients that we produce high quality products and services.

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